Morning Circuit Group Fitness Class

I love my Morning Circuit class. Circuit training has been proven to be one of the more effective methods of exercise for weight loss and health. Add to that the fat burning power of HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) and it looks like a recipe for success. My Morning Circuit classes are short bursts of intense exercise with a short reprieve. Once each circuit is complete, a well deserved break is yours, then repeat. Start your morning off right with this group fitness class.

How long is a Morning Circuit Class?

Get this… 30 minutes!!!!! How awesome is that? 30 minutes, and you’re done for the day. Amazing. So 5 minutes are devoted to the warm up with another 5 reserved at the end for cool down. Add in some shoe changing time, clothing updates, a quick cleaning and you’re in and out in under 45 minutes! Ready to start the rest of your day!

What exercises can I expect in the Morning Circuit?

The exercises are changed and modified regularly. Why? To keep your body adapting. Some exercises are favourites, some are revisited, some we do for a few sessions and more on. The idea is to keep the body in motion and guessing. Routines are wonderful and they definitely have their place, but when you are trying to pack in a full body exercise in 30 minutes we have to change up the morning circuit frequently.

I have trouble with certain exercises. Should I skip that station in the morning circuit?

We don’t skip any stations during our morning circuit, what we do is change the exercises so that they target the same muscles in a fashion that will not strain any existing injuries. I have modifications readily available for each exercise. Everyone’s fitness level is different and I have taken this into account when creating the Morning Circuit. Modifications, and some times a completely different exercise can be assigned. It is important to understand the difference between “can’t do” and “it’s hard” but that’s what I am there for 🙂

Looking forward to seeing you at one of my Morning Circuit classes. Feel free to stop by any time. Check out the SCHEDULE for class times.