This is a deceiving name, really Kids Night Out should be referred to as “Parents Night Out.” Guided Fitness and V-Fit P.R.O. are offering you a night of reprieve, well a few hours anyway. Imagine being able to go out for dinner with your partner without having to worry about looking for a babysitter. Find comfort in the knowledge that your children will be having a great time at the Dojo, playing games, watching a movie, spending time with their friends…

How Kids Night Out Works

  • First you reserve your spot. As space is limited, we need each family to reserve their place for Kids Night Out.
  • You can either drop the kids off at the Dojo at 18h30, or you can join us for Family POUND first. The kids will get some great exercise joining that class with us.
  • You pick your kids up by 22h00.

The cost for each child is 25$. Families with more than one child will pay 25$ plus 15$ per additional child. Which will max out at 50$.

Places are limited, so please reserve your child’s spot as soon as possible.

Reservation Form

*** Please note Kids’ Night Out is on hold until Fall 2019*** Be sure to follow updates on Facebook and IG!