Kickboxing Classes in Montreal West

Women’s Kickboxing

Our kickboxing class is not your standard fitness class. You get so much more out of this. The fact that you get a full body burn should be enough to get you to come and try it. But if you are that person that is looking for more, then you have come to the right place.

Techniques are broken down not only for you to learn how to execute them correctly and safely, but you will also learn and understand their applications. It’s not only about punching the air. Every move you make is made with a purpose. You will gain a fair amount of knowledge and the confidence to turn to Kickboxing as your self-defense go-to. And, at the end of the day, you may simply just need to hit something to relieve that stress. We can help you with that too! All this, in a safe and fun environment.

What to bring to your first Kickboxing class…

  • Indoor shoes (or your can train barefoot)
  • Comfortable workout clothing
  • Wraps (if you have them)
  • Gloves (if you have them, we can supply a limited number)
  • Enthusiasm

Kickboxing Class Times:


  • Womxn's Kickboxing


  • Womxn's Kickboxing

Benefits of Kickboxing

Why join a kickboxing class?

Cardiovascular Health

Get that heart rate up during classes and enjoy the many benefits of cardio exercises.

Great Stress Relief

Exercise is wonderful for stress relief. Kickboxing takes that to another level with cardio while you hit things!

Increased Energy

Burning calories and sweating can increase your daily energy. Seems counter-intuitive but moving more actually increases the energy you have throughout the day.


Workout with like minded individuals and find your fitness tribe. Kickboxing creates an amazing sense of community when we all train together.

Kickboxing Women

Come Try Out a Class

The first class is on us. Try it out, no commitment needed. Just grab your indoor shoes (or barefoot), some leggings and let’s sweat together