Guided Fitness

Embark on a journey of health, fitness and guided discovery through a wide variety of fitness options. Unbiased trainer support. Have fun while making a change your future self will thank you for.

Private Classes

Sometimes you just need to focus on yourself. Private classes with Guided Fitness offer an experience that goes beyond what is offered in group classes. Tailored to the training you not only want, but could need.

For Kids

Fitness classes for kids of all ages. With the current pandemic, we are focusing on private classes. Whether you are looking for a weekly activity for your homelearner pod or want your children to receive one on one coaching for their martial arts training. These classes are perfect.

Group Fitness Classes

Group fitness classes are a great way to challenge yourself. They are heavy on the cardio, with a focus on having fun and working out. Beyond physical transformation, push yourself in a group setting and create bonds with your fellow students.

Personal Training

Personal training sessions are an integral part of embracing a healthy lifestyle. Especially in the beginning, while starting to adapt. The reason might surprise you…

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