Private Classes

Sometimes you just need to focus on yourself. Private classes offer an experience that goes beyond what is offered in group classes. Tailored to the training you not only want, but could need.

Private Karate Classes:

Whether you are working towards an exam or are just looking to polish off your techniques and skills, private karate classes are a great opportunity to focus on what you need to work on. Private karate classes will allow you to accelerate in your studies and solidify your base so that any new material can be absorbed quicker, with more ease.

Private Kickboxing Classes:

Need to focus more on the cardio for kickboxing classes? Want to hit more targets in a fashion tailored to your level? Sometimes you need someone to hold the bag, target, glove and push you more than you realised you could. Private kickboxing classes are a great way to, not only get techniques down, but to also push yourself, sweat it out and let go of some frustrations that may have piled up over the day.