Self Defence Class in Montreal West

Self Defence Class

Our self defence class is a structured, 12-week program. The first 4 weeks are introductory classes, where we learn the basics, both theory and practical. We have open discussions while training. The next 8 weeks is where the program really begins, heavier training, more practical applications. Each of those 8 weeks will build upon the previous one so we ask that you commit to the entire program.

What Makes Our Self Defence Class Unique?

Self Defence Class

Our self defence class blends theory with practical. We start out with four weeks of introductory classes. Learning techniques, theory, situational awareness and more. As the weeks progress we begin our 8 week program. This is an 8 week commitment where we will be building on previous classes and testing out what we have learned.

Self Defence Class Times:


  • Self Defence Bootcamp

Self Defence Class Benefits:

Why join our class?

Theoretical Information

Learn to minimise risk, evaluate situations, and more.

Habits and Training

Create habits and muscle memory through regular training to minimise being caught unaware.

Practical Training

Learn to apply technique in a variety of different situations.


Meet and train with likeminded individuals and create a sense of belonging.

Come Try It Out

The four week introductory classes are always free.