Strength and Conditioning Class Montreal West

Strength and Conditioning Class

What is it?

Strength and Conditioning Class

Our strength and conditioning class compliments all other training. It combines a cardio class with a weight training class allowing you to make the most of your time.

The classes mix components of HIIT, tabata, bootcamp, and resistance training to make sure your body is never bored and always guessing what’s next.

Strength and Conditioning Class Times:








Strength and Conditioning Class Benefits:

Why join our class?

Increased Cardio and Endurance

The constant movement during this class ensures that your heart rate stays up and you work hard.

Adaptive Training

The movements and exercises are adaptable to any fitness level.

Heavy Calorie Burn

This class burns a lot of calories, supporting any weight loss goals you might have.

It’s Fun

Sweating is just fun. Why not do it with other people.

Kickboxing Women

Come Try Out a Class

The first class is on us. Try it out, no commitment needed. Just grab your indoor shoes (or barefoot), a towel, some water and let’s sweat together