#POUNDwithPURPOSE A Food Drive

#POUNDwithPURPOSEGuided Fitness and V-Fit P.R.O. will be hosting a food drive on October 21st. In lieu of payment for the class, we will be accepting canned goods, and other non-perishable items to benefit Sun Youth’s Food Bank. It is a great way to work out your Karma as well as your body. Invite everyone, friends, family, strangers you meet on the way to the Dojo 😉

The Food Drive is a part of a Kentokukan Karatedo event, the Fall Classic. The Dojo who brings in the most (by weight) food, will win bragging rights for the rest of the year. I like to win, so it would be amazing if we could all band together and support a great cause, as well as win. Did I mention I like to win? Some, well, most of us Karate people have a touch of competitiveness in our personalities.

So let’s work out our bodies, improve our Karma, and #POUNDwithPURPOSE!

Looking forward to seeing you all there on October 21st, at 10h30.

You can join the Facebook event HERE.

Children are welcome.

Free Trial “Week” September 4th – 14th

Trial “week”! I know, the title is deceiving, it is longer than a week! Bonus for everyone! Starting September 4th, I will be offering my group fitness classes for FREE until September 14th. That is 10 days of awesome classes for free. Check it out:

Trial "Week" at V-Fit PRO with Guided Fitness

I am really excited to be offering this. Grab some friends and check out as many as you can!

What are the courses being offered during this trial “week”?

What is Morning Circuit?

Morning circuit is a 20 minute (plus 5 min warm up and 5 minute cool down) circuit that gives your whole body a work out. It has been created to boost your morning energy levels, get that work out in before the start of your day and get you prepared for whatever the day has.

What is Bootcamp?

This 45 minute group fitness class focuses on military style training. Emphasis is placed on body weight exercises for strength training. There is also a significant amount of cardio involved. Bonus points for roaring in class 😉

What is Kickboxing?

Kickboxing is a pseudo (I will address why I say that in a later post, it has nothing to do with the workout) Martial Art that combines boxing with kicking. My classes combine technique with cardio to give an amazing feeling of accomplishment afterwards.

What is POUND Fit?

POUND Fit is a unique cardio Rockout Workout that combines drumming with cardio jams. It is 45 minutes of heart pumping fun,

You can read more about each of the classes throughout my site.

After this trial “week” is over, I will create a more solid schedule for the rest of September. If there is a class or time that you would like to see that is not present, please let me know. One of the benefits to this trial “week” is my finding the most appropriate classes and times. Obviously I cannot accommodate everyone, but I will do my best to have something for everyone.

Join the Facebook Event:


POUND PRO Official

I spent an amazing day on Saturday surrounded by amazing women, learning this amazing group fitness class that I am so excited to add to my tool box. POUND Fit!!! Another love of my life, it seems. So infectious.

For those of you not familiar with POUND Fit, I strongly suggest you check out their website and learn about this Rock Out Work out. Seriously so much fun.

I learned about POUND Fit when I started taking a class at V-Fit P.R.O. Solutions earlier this year. I completely fell in love with it. So much fun!!! So what do I do when I discover something I love, I have to learn more about it and eventually I have to become a PRO, as they call themselves.

Absolutely amazing. The company itself has a core value system that I can really support and really get behind. To say I am excited about these classes is an understatement.

My POUND PRO certificate and RIPSTIX (the drumsticks)

It has no even been 48 hours (yesterday I was doing another clinics as well, busy busy me) and I have already create my first complete set list and am thrilled to be offering it this September. Some great choreography involved in this and super secret squats, which is fantastic, because we should sneak those squats in whenever we can.

Let;s get ready for this Rock Out Work, cardio jam sessions. If you love music, if you love drums and beats, this is totally the way you should spend forty-five minutes. Check out my calendar for a class that fits with your schedule, and check out V-Fit P.R.O. calendar for the evening class.

See you there,