Personal Trainer Exam

As of yesterday morning, I am now an official Personal Trainer. With my exam passed and certification in hand, I am now ready to offer Personal Training Sessions. This is very exciting. I have been teaching karate for a few years now and leading the occasional group fitness class, and those have been wonderful experiences. So much so that I cannot see myself ever not teaching. This certification as a Personal Trainer will add to my tool belt so to speak.

Personal Training is important. While we live in a society where one can easily google 500 various work-out routines and really need no interaction with a personal trainer to create work-out programs or establish a work-out routine, nothing can replace the personal trainer. The one-on-one attention, the creation of a tailored routine, someone to guide you through your fitness journey are aspects of the personal trainer that can never be replaced. No amount of googling will give you that same interaction.

My role as a personal trainer is to guide you through your wellness journey. To help you when you want it. To support you when you need it. To push you when you think you can’t.

This new certification means a lot for me. It shows that I am ready to start taking on clients with specific or general health goals and work with them to achieve those goals. I am incredibly excited to now offer such a service.

To arrange a personal training session with me, please send an email or call (438) 398-9208. And we can determine to best time and place. Most of my sessions will be at V-Fit P.R.O. Solutions, but other arrangements can also be made.


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