September Monthly Challenge

Take a few moments for yourself in this September monthly challenge. With fall schedules starting, and the chaos that comes with back to school, Guided Fitness is bringing you a monthly challenge that will help centre and calm you before your day, and after your day.

Details of the September Monthly Challenge:

Every morning when you wake up, before you check your phone, take 5 minutes to meditate, sit in silence, organise your thoughts, meditate, whatever term you want to use to describe it. You can set a time if you need to.

Repeat this before turning in for the night. Take five minutes and reflect on the day, or just let your mind go blank.

Wellness Dimension:

I am always about the dimensions of wellness and this daily practice touches on several. It can help you emotionally, spiritually, and socially. Centering yourself will make you more patient.

Can Kids do the September Monthly Challenge?

This is a great habit to introduce to children. However, depending on their age, you might have to perform the challenge with them. You can make it a game during your morning routine, while preparing breakfast or lunches or whatever your morning routine is. This will help them with the rest of their day and potentially teach them healthy coping strategies for the future.

As an adult, don’t you wish someone showed you that it was not only okay to take time for yourself, but also encouraged it?

Are you ready to take on this challenge?

Encourage friends and family to join in and try it out. Share your experiences with us. Do you hate sitting in silence? Do you love it? Are you having trouble finding the time? Let’s support each other throughout this month and find ways to encourage everyone to find some peace and time to themselves.

You can follow our social media for tips and tricks throughout the month

Enjoy the challenge.

Weekly Challenge: 250 Minutes of Movement

Guided Fitness’ weekly challenge begins tomorrow. This week, 250 minutes of movement this week! For those of us who find ourselves not moving enough, this is a great way to keep track for the week and find more moments to add in movement!

Notice how this is not “exercise” or “cardio” specific. I just want people to make an effort to move some more! Whether it is a class, a walk, doing squats at your desk, anything that has your body moving around.

250 Minutes of movement for the week!

250 seems like a huge number, but if we look at it on a daily breakdown, it is only an increase of 35ish minutes. Completely doable!

So let’s get ready to move, #MovementChallenge. Try a new group fitness class, take the stairs, or simply dance around the house 😉 The possibilities are endless.

Weekly Challenge, 250 minutes of movement

Weekly Challenge: 2 Litres of Water in You Everyday

This is Guided Fitness‘ first weekly challenge. A weekly series that includes a challenge based on health and wellness. These challenges are created to be inclusive, and guess what? You can work these challenges in with your home life, get the kids involved too!

Drink a minimum of 2L of water EVERYDAY!

Seems simple enough… It is a great place for us to start our challenges. If you normally get that much a day, try adding another 500mL. Water has so many health benefits including energy boosting, healthier looking complexion, keeping you regular… So many benefits. This time of year with all those resolutions, water can help curb appetite, especially if you find yourself emotionally eating.

Keep Yourself Accountable

Post your water intake on social media. #waterchallenge Use an app like MyFitnessPal to keep track and share your success (and trials) with your friends. Get them involved too. Why not get the kids involved too? Create a sticker board at home for the kids. Every time they drink a cup of water they get a sticker. 8 stickers means they reached the goal. Heck, I want a sticker board! It is a great visual for accomplishments.

So let’s get started on this challenge. Be sure to check out our Facebook Page for updates! Wonder what kind of fun we will have next week 😉