Rocktober Challenge 2020

Finally, Rocktober Challenge 2020 is here. A fall fitness, health challenge from Pound! I am super excited to be participating this year. And you can too!

There is a lovely blog post on the PoundFit site describing what Rocktober Challenge 2020 is, and the various things they will be offering for the next two weeks.

Rocktober Challenge 2020: Pound Classes

Rocktober Challenge 2020 with Pound Fit

I have signed up for all three of the classes, I am really looking forward to enjoying a class! As you know, we are usually teaching the Pound class. It will be a nice change to see how others are teaching but also just to participate!

The classes:

  • Today, October 1st at 8PM est
  • October 8th at 2PM est
  • October 15th at 7 PM est

If you would like to sign up for the classes, check out this Facebook post from POUND:

#ROCKTOBERchallenge is calling, and its bringing you THREE chances to join the global party 😉:Oct. 1stOct. 8thOct….

Posted by POUND – Rockout. Workout. on Tuesday, September 29, 2020

I am planning on following the PoundFit version of Rocktober and adding in some Guided Fitness style twists. So make sure you are following Guided Fitness on:

Be sure to share your 30 minutes of movements on social media with the hashtag #RocktoberChallenge. I have also created a check-in for us Guided Fitness folks: Check In. I am super excited to see what people do over the next 15 days! My goal is to write about my daily movements here, and check in on my social channels. Be on the look out for some free classes during this time, I will share some of my workouts with you.

I cannot think of a better way to tackle the current Red Zone status of Montreal (okay, yeah, we all can, but this one is probably healthier than the 40 oz of gin I want to consume for the next 28 days)! Let’s get moving together, let’s find some sort of positivity in this current climate! We can find some fun, I can feel it.

Family Fitness During Rocktober

I would like to get kids and parents involved as well. 30 minutes of movement will be great for their physical and mental health during this time. So, please, encourage them to jump around with you!

See you tomorrow,


POUND PRO Official

I spent an amazing day on Saturday surrounded by amazing women, learning this amazing group fitness class that I am so excited to add to my tool box. POUND Fit!!! Another love of my life, it seems. So infectious.

For those of you not familiar with POUND Fit, I strongly suggest you check out their website and learn about this Rock Out Work out. Seriously so much fun.

I learned about POUND Fit when I started taking a class at V-Fit P.R.O. Solutions earlier this year. I completely fell in love with it. So much fun!!! So what do I do when I discover something I love, I have to learn more about it and eventually I have to become a PRO, as they call themselves.

Absolutely amazing. The company itself has a core value system that I can really support and really get behind. To say I am excited about these classes is an understatement.

My POUND PRO certificate and RIPSTIX (the drumsticks)

It has no even been 48 hours (yesterday I was doing another clinics as well, busy busy me) and I have already create my first complete set list and am thrilled to be offering it this September. Some great choreography involved in this and super secret squats, which is fantastic, because we should sneak those squats in whenever we can.

Let;s get ready for this Rock Out Work, cardio jam sessions. If you love music, if you love drums and beats, this is totally the way you should spend forty-five minutes. Check out my calendar for a class that fits with your schedule, and check out V-Fit P.R.O. calendar for the evening class.

See you there,