The Road to Recovery After Open Heart Surgery

I took a moment this morning to look at my blogging and realised so many months have passed us by since the last time I wrote anything. I also noticed that my struggle leading up to my open heart surgery and my recovery were not even mentioned. This being about Guided Fitness, and not a personal exploration of the effects of heart and valve disease, has me feeling like it is inappropriate to bring up my own struggles. But when the universe is telling you to celebrate the three month anniversary of your open heart surgery, you listen. If only to say, I can get through it.


It’s now three months since my second open heart surgery and I am slowly coming back into leading classes, and doing a few personal training sessions. I am not however ready to embark on a full time teaching routine as I recovery. I am exploring my new normal (again) and finding my own limitations. “Slowly but surely,” everyone says. I find it frustrating but it is what it is. Eventually the tumultuous relationship with myself and my health journey will level off and I can stop surviving from crisis to crisis, and embrace healthy living, which is always the goal.

Focus on what you can do after open heart surgery.

Look who's back!!!! 😃😃😃

Posted by V-Fit PRO Solutions on Monday, July 8, 2019
First POUND class up in front 😀

Most people want healthy living, whether that involves weight loss or fitness routines or nutrition changes, we all just want to be in a place where we can say 90% of the time we are living healthy (we have to leave room for some bad habits 😉 ).

So here I am, planning the future of Guided Fitness while I recover from my open heart surgery and find my way to a healthier lifestyle. As a woman living with heart disease.

I will continue with my martial arts training, continue with my working outs, but with such a limited amount of oomph, I will have to adjust my expectations and goals. Especially with it being only 3 months since my chest was cut into and my heart valve replaced. And new medications, and new limitations on physical contact and, and, and….

We all have our excuses. We all have reasons why we can’t. Let’s focus on what we can. I am not in a position to do any weights or strenuous anything. So what can I do? What is left up to me? Simple, what I put into my body. Okay, I am not allowed to control my meds and with good reason, but I can control my nutrition. I can control the food and fuel I put into this body while it recovers from such a traumatic event.

Let’s focus on what we can do for a change!