September Monthly Challenge

Take a few moments for yourself in this September monthly challenge. With fall schedules starting, and the chaos that comes with back to school, Guided Fitness is bringing you a monthly challenge that will help centre and calm you before your day, and after your day.

Details of the September Monthly Challenge:

Every morning when you wake up, before you check your phone, take 5 minutes to meditate, sit in silence, organise your thoughts, meditate, whatever term you want to use to describe it. You can set a time if you need to.

Repeat this before turning in for the night. Take five minutes and reflect on the day, or just let your mind go blank.

Wellness Dimension:

I am always about the dimensions of wellness and this daily practice touches on several. It can help you emotionally, spiritually, and socially. Centering yourself will make you more patient.

Can Kids do the September Monthly Challenge?

This is a great habit to introduce to children. However, depending on their age, you might have to perform the challenge with them. You can make it a game during your morning routine, while preparing breakfast or lunches or whatever your morning routine is. This will help them with the rest of their day and potentially teach them healthy coping strategies for the future.

As an adult, don’t you wish someone showed you that it was not only okay to take time for yourself, but also encouraged it?

Are you ready to take on this challenge?

Encourage friends and family to join in and try it out. Share your experiences with us. Do you hate sitting in silence? Do you love it? Are you having trouble finding the time? Let’s support each other throughout this month and find ways to encourage everyone to find some peace and time to themselves.

You can follow our social media for tips and tricks throughout the month

Enjoy the challenge.

Self Defense Workshop January 2020

A Women’s Self Defense Workshop? For real?

Exciting times are upon us. My health coming back to normal (tranquillement pas vite but still in the right direction) means that I am ready to add some new projects on my 2020 calendar.

I am teaming up (as usual) with V-Fit P.R.O. to bring this amazing Self Defense workshop into fruition on January 26th, 2020. We have been discussing it for quite some time and the decision is to finally bring it to you in the New Year. Enjoy learning, discussion, practicing self defense in a safe space.

Can you think of a better way to start the New Year off than with a workshop that will exercise both mind and body, while learning how to protect yourself and, potentially others? I mean, seriously?! How amazing is that.

The details and schedule for self defense workshop are still being hammered out. We want to make sure you have the best training possible especially since you are giving up your Sunday! We know there will be a lunch break and there will be specific topics discussed. The best aspect to the training will be the hands on or simulation portion where we test out our newly acquired skills in simulated environments. All while knowing you are in a safe space.

Topics covered in our Self Defense Workshop

  • Prevention and Safety
  • Common Attacks
  • Simulations
  • Tools for defense and attack
  • Awareness
  • Empowerment
  • Woman specific safety issues
  • And more…

Many topics will be addressed and changes and/or additions will be visible immediately on the Facebook event page.

How do I register?

You can send an email, call, text, either myself or Shihan Taddeo. (438) 398-9208

Also be sure to announce your interest on our Facebook event!

I’m a man, can I join too?

I am sorry at this time we will not be allowing men into this workshop. We want the women to be free to experience their training without any influence. HOWEVER, should there be enough interest, we will offer a gender open workshop in the future, please let us know your interest.

The Road to Recovery After Open Heart Surgery

I took a moment this morning to look at my blogging and realised so many months have passed us by since the last time I wrote anything. I also noticed that my struggle leading up to my open heart surgery and my recovery were not even mentioned. This being about Guided Fitness, and not a personal exploration of the effects of heart and valve disease, has me feeling like it is inappropriate to bring up my own struggles. But when the universe is telling you to celebrate the three month anniversary of your open heart surgery, you listen. If only to say, I can get through it.


It’s now three months since my second open heart surgery and I am slowly coming back into leading classes, and doing a few personal training sessions. I am not however ready to embark on a full time teaching routine as I recovery. I am exploring my new normal (again) and finding my own limitations. “Slowly but surely,” everyone says. I find it frustrating but it is what it is. Eventually the tumultuous relationship with myself and my health journey will level off and I can stop surviving from crisis to crisis, and embrace healthy living, which is always the goal.

Focus on what you can do after open heart surgery.

Look who's back!!!! 😃😃😃

Posted by V-Fit PRO Solutions on Monday, July 8, 2019
First POUND class up in front 😀

Most people want healthy living, whether that involves weight loss or fitness routines or nutrition changes, we all just want to be in a place where we can say 90% of the time we are living healthy (we have to leave room for some bad habits 😉 ).

So here I am, planning the future of Guided Fitness while I recover from my open heart surgery and find my way to a healthier lifestyle. As a woman living with heart disease.

I will continue with my martial arts training, continue with my working outs, but with such a limited amount of oomph, I will have to adjust my expectations and goals. Especially with it being only 3 months since my chest was cut into and my heart valve replaced. And new medications, and new limitations on physical contact and, and, and….

We all have our excuses. We all have reasons why we can’t. Let’s focus on what we can. I am not in a position to do any weights or strenuous anything. So what can I do? What is left up to me? Simple, what I put into my body. Okay, I am not allowed to control my meds and with good reason, but I can control my nutrition. I can control the food and fuel I put into this body while it recovers from such a traumatic event.

Let’s focus on what we can do for a change!

Weekly Challenge: 250 Minutes of Movement

Guided Fitness’ weekly challenge begins tomorrow. This week, 250 minutes of movement this week! For those of us who find ourselves not moving enough, this is a great way to keep track for the week and find more moments to add in movement!

Notice how this is not “exercise” or “cardio” specific. I just want people to make an effort to move some more! Whether it is a class, a walk, doing squats at your desk, anything that has your body moving around.

250 Minutes of movement for the week!

250 seems like a huge number, but if we look at it on a daily breakdown, it is only an increase of 35ish minutes. Completely doable!

So let’s get ready to move, #MovementChallenge. Try a new group fitness class, take the stairs, or simply dance around the house 😉 The possibilities are endless.

Weekly Challenge, 250 minutes of movement

Weekly Challenge: 2 Litres of Water in You Everyday

This is Guided Fitness‘ first weekly challenge. A weekly series that includes a challenge based on health and wellness. These challenges are created to be inclusive, and guess what? You can work these challenges in with your home life, get the kids involved too!

Drink a minimum of 2L of water EVERYDAY!

Seems simple enough… It is a great place for us to start our challenges. If you normally get that much a day, try adding another 500mL. Water has so many health benefits including energy boosting, healthier looking complexion, keeping you regular… So many benefits. This time of year with all those resolutions, water can help curb appetite, especially if you find yourself emotionally eating.

Keep Yourself Accountable

Post your water intake on social media. #waterchallenge Use an app like MyFitnessPal to keep track and share your success (and trials) with your friends. Get them involved too. Why not get the kids involved too? Create a sticker board at home for the kids. Every time they drink a cup of water they get a sticker. 8 stickers means they reached the goal. Heck, I want a sticker board! It is a great visual for accomplishments.

So let’s get started on this challenge. Be sure to check out our Facebook Page for updates! Wonder what kind of fun we will have next week 😉

Turn your New Year Resolution into a Goal

Why bother turning your New Year resolution into a goal? We are approaching that time when New Year Resolutions fade into the background as distant memory… Memories slowly fading, motivation declining as previous routines begin to set in again. It’s okay, that is kind of the nature of resolutions. The intentions are always good, but because we didn’t change them into goals, we lose interest or find them too difficult.

The reality is most Resolutions do not translate well into goals. What I mean by that is… A goal is best when laid out as a S.M.A.R.T. goal. It is Specific. Measurable. Attainable. Relevant. Timely.

So How Do We Change our New Year Resolution into a Goal

Well, let’s look at your resolution. It is an amazing starting point.

Step 1: SPecific

Let’s try to make it a bit more specific. If your goal was to lose weight, great. How much weight?

Step 2: Measurable

See how that becomes measurable? While the general idea of losing weight is measurable, it is not specific. Find a number, something that can easily be measured or counted.

Step 3: Attainable

So let’s say, you want to lose twenty pounds. Great, that is attainable depending on your starting point. If it feels like too much, then all you have to do is adjust the amount or your can play with last step, Timely. Extent your timeline before solidifying your goal. You can ask other people if the goal seems attainable, like medical practitioner, nutritionist, your personal trainer 😉

Step 4: Relevant

Is losing twenty pounds relevant to you? Is this something you have wanted? Or is it something you put as your resolution because it seemed like a good idea? Make sure your goal is relevant. You want to lose the weight. If it is not relevant, find another goal, or find a way to make it relevant for you.

Step 5: Timely

Make your goal timely. Give yourself a timeline. You want to lose twenty pounds, but in how much time? Saying two weeks, makes no sense, not attainable, nor is it healthy. Something like 10 weeks, that is attainable and healthy. Two pounds every week.

Turn your New Year Resolution into a goal. A SM.A.R.T. goal

I have changed my New Year Resolution into a goal, now what?

Preparation is key. What do you need to succeed in the clear, S.M.A.R.T. goal you have set yourself. If we continue with the 20 pounds lost, then you will need to look at increasing your activity and, most importantly, reducing your calorie intake. Weight loss is all about food, exercise plays a small role in comparison. So think about what foods you can start to limit. I am not a fan of cutting out completely permanently, but look at what you can reduce, or change your relationship with. These small little thoughts and calculations will help you reach your goal.

Write your smart goal down, create a vision board with the things you need to remember. If you slip up, you will have a reminder why you are doing this. A slip up is not the end of the world, there is time to accomplish what you want, the trick is not to wait, that will accomplish nothing, but trying, trying is the way to go.

Carrot Ginger Soup Recipe, warm up this winter

So I love making carrot ginger soup. I usually make it stove top but this time, I decided to try it in my instant pot. I am not really a stickler when it comes to the actual recipe for this, I just kind of throw stuff in until it looks/feel right. There are no wrong proportions.

As I am on a low salt “diet,” I limit my salt intake to as low as possible, I make my chicken broth but pre-made, or store bought works just as well and will add that salty flavour people tend to enjoy. I use chicken as I usually have a few frozen chicken carcasses in the freezer, but vegetable broth works as well.

If you are looking for a healthy meal or snack, this delicious simple soup will fill you up, keep your calories low and can be modified to suit just about any eating style. You can add protein for a more complete meal, sprinkling cheese or shredded chicken on it.


Ingredients for Carrot Ginger Soup

2lbs of carrots

5tbsp of raw ginger, you can add more or less depending on your palate

1L chicken stock, veggie works just as well

1 orange


Make Carrot Ginger Soup

Peel and chop the ginger. Cut up the carrots into manageable chunks, Place in a pot. Pour in stock. Add the zest of the orange and then squeeze out the juice. Add garlic to taste.

Bring everything to a boil. Cook for 30 mins, or longer depending on the size of carrot pieces, you want to be able to easily mash them with a fork.

Instant Pot Soup Setting

I put all the ingredients in my Instant Pot and cooked it for 30, it may have been over kill, but still good.

Blend all together. I usually just put my stick blender into the pot so there is no transfer of hot ingredient.

Makes approximately 4 servings.

Nutritional Facts*:

Calories per serving: 285


Enjoy your Carrot Ginger Soup

Be on the look out for new delicious recipes. And don’t forget to check out some Fitness Classes to work with your healthy living lifestyle.

March Break Daycamp Healthy Living

March Break Daycamp

Healthy Living Daycamp is now open for registration. It is a great opportunity for children between 6 and 13 years old to learn ways to make their health a priority. With a focus on exercise and nutrition, this March Break Daycamp is unique in the Montreal West area. 


The camp will run from 08h30 until 16h00 everyday. Before and after camp childcare is available, at an extra cost.

Pricing for March Break Daycamp:

Registration before February 1st is 125$ for the week. (Per day option available at 35$ per day, priority is given to those attending the full week)

Registration after February 1st is 175$ for the week. (Per day option available at 45$ per day, priority is given to those attending the full week)


The March Break Daycamp will be held at V-Fit P.R.O. Solutions. (10 Milner street, Montreal West) Look for painted door. For more information on the location, please look at their website:

The Breakdown:

Children will learn why it is so important to move throughout the day, and what benefits exercise offers them. Body awareness at any age is important, we believe that through the practice of various activities, children will learn not only the benefits of movement but will also gain knowledge about their bodies, how they move, reach, balance and more… We will learn how and why we read food labels, what impact that might have on your day, picking the right foods, moderation in choosing a sweet or salty morsel. We will be covering age appropriate self defense training. Using roleplay and training, children will explore various situations and see how they respond and what they could have done.


  • Karate
  • Kickboxing
  • Generation POUND
  • Stretching
  • And more…

Safety Awareness:

  • Age appropriate self-defense
  • Situational awareness
  • Important phone numbers
  • And more…


  • Exploring bullying
  • Exploring drug awareness
  • Peer pressure
  • Coping mechanisms
  • And more…


  • Food choices
  • Reading labels
  • What makes a complete meal
  • And more…

To Register:


To Receive More Information About Our March Break Daycamp:

Please fill in the following form and someone will get back to you either via email or phone. Thank you!

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POUND and Pour Before Christmas Event

Oh, yes, my friends, it is that time of year again where Christmas songs are playing continuously in any public place and there is an overabundance of lights, shinny things and food… While some people may love that, some of us, not so much… BUT for one night, let’s get super into it. Whether you celebrate Christmas or not, you have to admit, hitting things with Ripstix while Christmas songs are playing will be incredibly satisfying. So mark your calendars, and let’s do this: Join us for an end of the year celebration.

When is it?

December 19th starting at 8PM, ending at…

Where is it?

At V-Fit P.R.O. 10 Milner, Montreal West.

What can we expect?

  • A Christmas playlist, just about every song is Christmas related…
  • Some ugly, holiday sweaters, because why not?
  • Holiday treats, both healthy and less healthy.
  • An awesome time, with sweating, conversation, and just JOY and stuff…

What’s the “Pour” for?

Pouring eggnog 🙂 And various other pourable liquids 😉

See you there,


#POUNDwithPURPOSE A Food Drive

#POUNDwithPURPOSEGuided Fitness and V-Fit P.R.O. will be hosting a food drive on October 21st. In lieu of payment for the class, we will be accepting canned goods, and other non-perishable items to benefit Sun Youth’s Food Bank. It is a great way to work out your Karma as well as your body. Invite everyone, friends, family, strangers you meet on the way to the Dojo 😉

The Food Drive is a part of a Kentokukan Karatedo event, the Fall Classic. The Dojo who brings in the most (by weight) food, will win bragging rights for the rest of the year. I like to win, so it would be amazing if we could all band together and support a great cause, as well as win. Did I mention I like to win? Some, well, most of us Karate people have a touch of competitiveness in our personalities.

So let’s work out our bodies, improve our Karma, and #POUNDwithPURPOSE!

Looking forward to seeing you all there on October 21st, at 10h30.

You can join the Facebook event HERE.

Children are welcome.